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    M.K Korea creates a product line for archers to improve their scores by providing the finest risers and limbs that the world can offer and to develop the ultimate product with a perfect balance of forgiveness and performance. 

    Every product goes through extensive design, development and testing with the result being a collaborative expression of varied team expertise. We stand behind our products, and what’s more, we use them. 

    When you choose MK Korea, you know that you have reached the pinnacle of archery products. The R&D department is constantly listening to our team of professionals like South Korea's best archers Im Dong Hyun, Kim Woo Jin, and Lee Sung Jin to International teams like Juan Rene Serrano and Natasja Bech and even the amateur archer, to only bring you the perfection shot after shot. Your satisfaction and success are our goal. 

    We are so proud to bring you only the best. 

    MK Korea team
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    Bild von MK Korea Grip Alpha

    MK Korea Grip Alpha

    MK Korea Grip Alpha