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    Buy Recurve Bow from Dutch Archery Specialist

    You have come to the right place at Das Roggel for all parts for your recurve bow. We have a wide collection of recurve Handles and Limbs.

    What is a Recurve Bow?

    A recurve bow is a combination of Limbs and handle but the name is due to the shape of the limbs, which have a re-curve at the ends. In this section we speak of the recurve Bow 2 parts namely the middle piece (Handle) and the pair (2 pcs) limbs (Throwing arms).

    Length of the Recurve bow

    The length of the recurve bow is determined by both the Center (Handle) and the Limbs (Throwing Arms). A "normal" composition is based on a Middle Piece (Handle) with a length of 25 inches with the Limbs (Throwing Arms) in Short 66 Inch - Medium 68 Inch - and Long 70 Inch. However, combinations are possible and these depend on various factors. If you want to be sure, it is best to request advice from us, then you are sure of a good choice.

    Bow Draw Weight

    The bow draw weight or draw force is expressed in Lbs. The Limbs are made in different draw weights and these vary from 10 to 50 Lbs each time with a difference of 2 Lbs increments.

    Which Recurve Bow should I have?

    I would discuss this choice with our employees, because this has to do with your draw length and the weight you can handle and what your goal is within the archery sport. Feel free to stop by in our Shop where we can give you sound advice.

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